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In-house legal team

We have our own in-house legal services team that specialise in estate planning.  Writing Wills is what we do everyday.


UK owned and based

We are proud to be British.  Our company was formed in the UK, is based in the UK and always will be.


30+ years experience

We have helped over 100,000 clients protect their family and loved ones.  Making a Will is a selfless act but at the same time will give you peace of mind.


The Planning Crowd has highly trained and qualified staff ready and available to discuss your needs.

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doing ordinary things extraordinary well



Our expert consultants take the time to discuss and understand your unique set of circumstances. Covering all your options and levels of protection a good will can offer.


Unique will

Our in-house legal team write your bespoke Will ensuring it conforms to the latest legislation. Everyone is unique and your Will is written totally bespoke to suit your individual needs with the best levels of protection for you and your family.


Hard copy

Once everything is agreed the final draft of your will is written by our in house legal team. We send out you a hard copy of your will. You have the option for us to store a copy for you. If things change we can update your will at any time and it's free!



This document will be used one day...Our specialist, Aftercare and Secure Storage service is here to make sure everything is in place when that day comes.

A standard Will certainly sets out your final wishes but everyone's situation is unique and that's why yours will be created bespoke

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doing ordinary things extraordinary well


We have our own in-house legal team. Writing quality affordable.
Wills is what they do every day!

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doing ordinary things extraordinary well


Through our Aftercare service, you only need to go through the full process of making a Will once.  Taking advantage of our Secure Storage and Aftercare facility gives you the peace of mind that your documents are safe and should you wish to update them at any time, due to ever changing family circumstances, we will do this for you without further charge.